The Mojo Filter Blues Band has been playing rhythm n' blues music for over 19 years together. With a little bit of country, funk, and rock n' roll mixed in. A band that plays to all ages and music lovers. Lead vocals are performed by Simonette "Mony" David Jackson, Dave Gillespie, and Dave Doré. On lead and rhythm guitar are Mike Burawski and Dave Gillespie, keys are Dave Doré, saxes  are Jeff Ackerman, Michael "Jake" Jacobsen and Larry O. Williams, trumpet is Gary Bivona, bass is Dan Cotti, and drums is Jackie Lynn. 


Here's a little bit about our members:

Simonette "Mony" David Jackson


It was a careless statement, but it was said nonetheless. I said, “I think I’ll try a blues band next.”

But before that statement was ever said, there were misadventures along the way. It all began with my uncle’s karaoke machine. Now, one must understand that Filipino households have essential items that mark them as Filipinos: a rice cooker, a “bunot” (half a coconut husk used to polish waxed wooden floors), a Santo Niño, and a karaoke machine.

Dave Gillespie


Mr. Dave Gillespie is a vintage 1958 grown locally in the suburbs of San Fernando Valley. At 6 years old, his first instrument was the piano. But at the impressionable age of 8 he quickly switched to guitar after being moved by “The Monkees” TV show (down to the polyester and hairdo).

Dave Dore


Dave Doré has a wealth of experience and plays keys like no one else can. He is a long time band member and gets everyone dancing and singing along. Dave has written several originals for the band and performs lead and backup vocals. As a writer, director, and composer he has created many award-winning commercials, specials, programs, and web videos. He also has played in a dueling piano bar, so if you tip well, he might play “Don’t Stop Believing” for you.

Mike Burawski


Born to a family of pygmies in the equatorial rainforests near Urinous Falls, a tousled and unruly Mike Burawski began performing songs on the guitar at the tender age of 8 during local tribal gatherings to help supplement his family’s scant income from goat herding.



Danny C is another locally grown member of the Mojo Filter Blues Band, who was born and raised in beautiful downtown Burbank.  Danny was drawn to the bass by Phil Lynott bass lines and the belief that rock stars get all the chicks.

At age 19, Danny and a high school friend formed the British Rock Band NorthStar.  The band went on to have un-acclaimed success, but had the opportunity to tour the LA circuit for many years before it all ended in an epic rock and roll bar fight, that due to disclosure agreements, can never be spoken of publicly.  

Jackie Lynn

 Jackie was born to a poor family in a small town in Romania. She learned percussion skills early, playing the tambourine to support her family's street music business. Alas, her family was jailed for stealing and at the early age of 10 she was placed in an orphanage. One very cold day, a kind American took pity on her and offered her to be part of her family and live in a big house in the San Fernando Valley, which was in California, USA. It was very warm there and Jackie agreed. Spending her teenage years in the valley she became a true "Valley Girl" and completely lost her Romanian accent, she started saying phrases with "like" in them and "gag me with a spoon". She was forever grateful to her new found family, 

Jeff Ackerman


Jeff Ackerman started playing music at the age of 8 and by the time he reached 13 he was playing in his family’s Dixieland band with his two brothers and sister on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour as well as other events. He also performed in the Disney Christmas Parade in the Winnie the Pooh band (dressed as a Woozle!) During high school and beyond he played and recorded professionally in cover and original bands including a tour with Gayle McCormick for “A Band Called Smith." Later he was a member of the original band “Masque” inspired by The Tubes, Gentle Giant and Genesis and was about to be picked up by William Morris when the band broke up. He turned to a career with the television and movie studios, but still played with local bands on weekends. It wasn’t till he spent 4-5 months in Mississippi filming that he found his love for the Blues. He sought out juke joints in his off hours with his sax in hand. In the 2000’s he met Dave Gillespie through the Santa Clarita Blues Society and became a member of the Mojo Filter blues in mid-2018.


Michael "Jake" Jacobson


A child of the Pacific Northwest, Jake was born into a family of musicians. His father was a professor of music, the head of the Piano department at the University of Puget Sound. The University honored him and his family by dedicating and naming the concert hall as the Leonard Jacobsen Recital Hall.

Jake played cello in school orchestras through college and played dance jobs on the weekend. After attending Cornish School for the Arts he started playing with bands up and across the west coast. In 1973 Jake moved to Los Angeles where he was fortunate in having the top cello teacher in LA, Edgar Lustgarten, who assisted in moving Jake's professional career forward. He began playing for many records and movies including the Don Ellis Orchestra and the esteem Michael Tilson Thomas. 

Gary Bivona


Gary Bivona travels on tour around the world and has been a long time member of Mojo Filter. When he is in town he provides a special part to the Mojo horn section.